Anyone for duckweed?

not usually very popular

Duckweeds: not usually very popular

You don’t often come across people who are duckweed fans but here’s someone who is: Doug Green from Ontario, Canada.

He notes:

‘Duckweed is perfect fish food, easy to grow and great for the pond.’

And how do you get duckweed in your pond?

‘….a single handfull will populate most ponds quite quickly (as long as there are no large fish there to eat it).’

So all you budding duckweed fans – its easy.



2 Responses to “Anyone for duckweed?”

  1. douggreen Says:

    Thanks for noticing the article but let me make one small correction. πŸ™‚ Doug Green’s from Ontario, Canada and not North Carolina. He just wishes he lived there during our winters.

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Correction made. J

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