King of Fish numbers up in 2010 in England and Wales

In 2009 the number of salmon reached an all time ‘since records began’ low in England and Wales.

At the time I pointed out that this wasn’t being reported quite as well as it could have been.

So it’s good to report that the latest 2010 statistics compiled jointly by CEFAS and the Environment Agency show a pleasing up-tic in Salmon numbers. You can see the (very technical) report here.

Of course, one good salmon year doesn’t make a….well, you know what I mean…..but after the 2009 all time low it’s a bit of encouraging news for everyone working to save the King of Fish.

(A techy note: the headline of this report is about a doubling of fish caught. But it’s the estimate of the total number in the rivers that’s the crucial figure because catch is affected by all sorts of things that don’t have much to do with the underlying status of the species: the weather that year, the number of anglers out catching fish and even how good those anglers are at catching salmon).


2 Responses to “King of Fish numbers up in 2010 in England and Wales”

  1. Mel Says:

    I wasn’t aware that there was an all time low a couple of years ago but it is encouraging to hear that numbers are building once again.

  2. Mark Gibbens Says:

    This is really good news! Onwards and upwards.

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