Why doesn’t World Water Monitoring Day include ponds?

If you want to feel slightly depressed about the future for water check out this site: http://www.worldwatermonitoringday.org/index.html

There are about 300 million  ponds worldwide.

In countries where we have good data, ponds support a higher proportion of freshwater wildlife than river or lakes (though, of course, both are seriously imperilled).

So its surprising to find that this education and outreach programme doesn’t mention ponds as one of the habitats you can monitor: it lists ‘any lake, stream, bay, or other waterbody’ – but why not your pond?

The whole programme is depressing: with children being asked to repeat the collection of pointless measurements which, I’ve no doubt, in many cases they could get online from the nearest regulatory body. And of course the data – though written into glossy reports – are completely meaningless.

Ah, you’ll say, but that’s not the point – this is an education and outreach programme. Yes, and that’s exactly what’s so depressing about it. Teaching children worldwide to use largely meaningless tests and reaching spurious conclusions.


2 Responses to “Why doesn’t World Water Monitoring Day include ponds?”

  1. LynnBay Says:

    I find it sad that the efforts that private people are putting into developing garden ponds and private ponds to preserve our wildlife and add to the conservation of our water plants is not being appreciated more! I try to make sure that the people I help understand that the plants the put into their pond are an important part of the environment and that they are stewards of their creation!

  2. Dave Armstrong Says:

    You are totally right what you say about ponds being underappreciated. In some areas they are vital to the conservation of some species such as newts.

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