Frogs as a sign of spring (and a small correction)

Just in case anyone’s looking at letters in the papers, it was, of course, a slip of the pen to say ‘frogs’ are mostly vegetarian.

I meant frog tadpoles (and there was a bit of poetic license in downplaying the meat eating tendencies as they get bigger!).


3 Responses to “Frogs as a sign of spring (and a small correction)”

  1. Neil Says:

    No frog spawn but plenty of lesser water boatman flying and crawling in and out of a pond this afternoon under the (relatively) warm sun. Great to sight to see

  2. LynnBay Says:

    I live next to a very slow river and delight with the sounds of frogs in the evening! They are very important in keeping down mosquitoes!

  3. Words Says:

    Our frogs finally produced spawn today. Far fewer frogs than usual (I’ve only counted 5), but a sizeable clump now adorns the garden pond. Photos over here:

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