First frogspawn? I was way behind the times

Jon at ARG UK has passed on the real first record!

An earlier report of frogspawn this year was from Bernard Hocking (8th Jan) – Reported on the Cornish Wildlife Group.

Check it on my Twitter account.

And as ‘any fule kno’ – the real place to look is here:



One Response to “First frogspawn? I was way behind the times”

  1. Richard Crow Says:

    Can anyone help.

    We’ve had our pond for nearly 15 years but for some strange reason it has developed a green algae in winter! I’ve never seen this before – there hardly seems the daily sunlight to trigger algae and the water is hardly above freezing at times.

    We are not feeding the fish much – it doesn’t seem to make sense. It doesn’t look like blue algae, it’s very green and looks like it may be floating on the surface mainly.

    Any ideas what it is? I’ve never known algae at this time of year.


    Richard Crow

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