Frog mortalities

More and more information is coming in from the Big Pond Thaw.

The story is on the BBC website now.

See: and scroll to the bottom of the page.


2 Responses to “Frog mortalities”

  1. linda gledhill Says:

    had a wildlife pond for 5yrs no problems water all clear even in summer but since the thaw had 2/3 dead frogs a day also a shiny glaze on top of the water looks like grease anyone any idea s what it could be

  2. Solarpowerman Says:

    I had no dead frogs in my garden but note that i heat my ponds because of the animal welfare act. I went to the effort of solar heating my ponds because of looking after my Koi in a responsible manner. If more pet owners obeyed the law then perhaps we nature lovers could enjoy animal life more. Providing warmer refuges in our gardens would be a help!
    PS I also provide a separate nurturing aquarium where I have bred hundreds of tadpoles / frogs so that they are not eaten by my 50 fish

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