A quick dip in the Old Pond

My first post-ice dip in the Old Pond reveals plenty of Large Red Damselfly larvae – most look ready to emerge.

I found a couple of well-grown Broad-bodied Chasers and a half grown Brown Hawker larva. All were amongst the marginal grasses at the edge of the pond.

Plenty of Smooth Ram’s-horn Snails too.

Most surprising was a Water Cricket. I don’t see these very often on the pond – they are much more of a stream animal. They are hard to miss, so when you don’t see them it’s pretty certain they’re really not around! But I did see a couple this time last year in January which surprised me at the time. Even more surprising was a very young nymph, which must have been bred on the pond, in the summer (here).

I’m beginning to wonder if they disperse from the nearby stream 200 m away early in winter to lay eggs – or perhaps they are overwintering near the pond?

Maybe someone who knows more about water crickets could tell me!

Water Cricket


One Response to “A quick dip in the Old Pond”

  1. Neil Says:

    Thats rather interesting. I’ve only heard of water crickets on ponds once before.

    The ponds I dipped in last week are teeming with lesser water boatman and the pea shell cockles have multiplied, but the previously numerous Broad bodied chaser nymphs were hard to find. Perhaps they have headed to to deeper out of reach areas of the pond?
    I also had a great silver water beetle in the net on my first dip of 2011 which was a good start (there are a few pics on my blog)

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