Oh dear…..the worst mortality so far

From the Big Pond Thaw submissions:


Enter your nearest town and county

Enter your postcode

What sort of pond are you looking at?
garden pond

How big is your pond?
medium – up to 5 meters by 5 metres

Ice cover: roughly how long did ice cover the pond?

Did you make a hole in the ice?

Did you break the ice?

If yes, how often?
[No Data Supplied]

Snow cover: was the pond covered by snow?

Did you clear snow from your pond?

Roughly for how long did snow cover the pond?
1 week

How deep is your pond?
Deep (deeper than 60 cm or 2 feet)

In the pond do you have:
Edge plants (include grass)

Floating-leaved plants

Plants completely underwater

Is the pond filled by:
Mixture of tapwater and rainwater

Roughly what depth of leaf litter and sediment is there in the bottom of your pond?
Deep – more than 15 cm (6 inches)

Did you run a pump, fountain, heater or other device to keep the pond open during the freeze?
[No Data Supplied]

Other (list)
[No Data Supplied]

Do you have fish in your pond?

If you do have fish, what sort are they?
[No Data Supplied]

Did any of your fish die during or straight after the freeze?
[No Data Supplied]

Which, if any, fish died?
[No Data Supplied]

Do you have amphibians?

What sort are they (list)
Frogs and newts

Did you see any dead amphibians after the ice melted? Check the box if yes and give details of the number
Common Frog

Number of dead amphibians seen

Did you see any dead smaller animals (e.g. mayflies, water beetles, dragonflies) after the ice melted? Tick yes or no and give brief details.

Ice still not completely melted so there could be smaller animals still encesded in ice.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your pond?
Many of the frogs were frozen into the ice near the surface, there was a brief thaw before Xmas the ice partially melted it seemed as if the frogs came nearer the surface and then got trapped in the sudden severe refreeze.  Last year I lost all my frog spawn the pond became rank, I wondered if after last winters freezing it became polluted with dead frogs.

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2 Responses to “Oh dear…..the worst mortality so far”

  1. Chris M Says:

    I wonder, as the frogs were reported frozen into the ice at the surface, whether they had died early on in the cold weather, then floated towards the surface and as the ice got thicker with the colder temperatures their dead bodies were simply incorporated in the ice. As it is reported to be a deep pond it would not have frozen completely and if the frogs had been alive they would not have been frozen into the ice.

  2. Sally Says:

    Most of my pond is still frozen, just a bit round the edges has cleared. Only 2 dead frogs in sight so far.

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