Snow sweeping: did it work (see comment from Daffy)?

Daffy in the comments swept the snow from her pond – and hey presto, no frog mortalities this year.

(I know, I know, one swallow etc etc).

I’ll review the first Big Pond Thaw forms we’ve received later.


3 Responses to “Snow sweeping: did it work (see comment from Daffy)?”

  1. Diana Says:

    Not sure yet about frog mortalities as pond is still frozen. We have had snow since end November. Mostly gone now. Two main falls. The first time I swept the snow away but noticed the snow was keeping the pond from freezing completely at the edges so left the snow around the edge. Will have to wait until the ice has gone completely before I can tell whether or not frogs have perished.

  2. jonspond Says:

    Hi jeremy

    The form for the big thaw does not have an option for less than a week for snow cover? should this be placed into any notes or comments?

    Also I have looked into the defrosted pond now and have found dead adult water beetles and water beetle larvae – very few other inverts

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