This caught my eye from Oxfordshire

A snippet from Oxfordshire:

I read in our local Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum News the suggestion that, as a result of the spread of signal crayfish, we may in coming years witness wholesale loss of populations of ‘many species and populations of fish, amphibians and macroinvertebrates from our rivers and lakes‘.

Fish, maybe. Most fish live in the same kind of places as Signal Crayfish. Amphibians and invertebrates? I’m not so sure. Most amphibians don’t go near rivers – so probably don’t come too much into contact with Signal Crayfish. Invertebrates – well, river ones maybe. But since 70% of freshwater macroinvertebrate species can be found in ponds, which are still are fairly rarely colonised by Signal Crayfish, again I think the ‘wholesale loss’ of many species might not happen.

To understand freshwater you need a landscape approach, and also to think about all kinds of waterbodies, not just the ones studied by freshwater biologists!


One Response to “This caught my eye from Oxfordshire”

  1. jonspond Says:

    Hi Jeremy

    signal crayfish have been stocked into fishing ponds in the belief that these would provide good food for carp. The only amphibian which can tolerate fish really is the common toad which is also a species which does venture into the local river here in Alresford – mainly as a migration route to the dammed ponds along the rivers route. Luckily we do not have signal crayfish only white claws (touch wood)


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