What Wikileaks didn’t mention…

UPDATE: See Guardian Environment Editor Damian Carrington’s article today which has done the digging and found that article.

Now all we need is the one dealing with biodiversity!

You can tell how important the environment is in world affairs by looking at all the environmental diplomatic indiscretions revealed by Wikileaks.




There….that seems to be it, so far.

But I can reveal one conversation so secret that they even kept it off the database of secret messages…..because, of course, as everyone knows, putting things on a computer database is, like, broadcasting it to the world……ddduuuuuhhh

Obama to Clinton at the Nagoya Biodiversity Convention – from the So Secret We Didn’t Even Know They Were There Leaders Session: ‘Those Europeans? They are just **** at biodiversity – and their English Prime Minister – you know, that’s David Beckham, right? Greenest Government Ever? They can’t even win the Soccer World Series.’

And did you see the state of their rivers…..jeez.’

And that guy Prince what’s his name….who the hell does he think he is coming over here and telling us the Arctic has got to be colder for our **********g polar bears. WTF: it’s not even cold enough in his UK of England for polar bears to even exist there‘.

Fantasy?……well, actually totally, yes, because as far as I can see not one of the Wikileaks has anything whatsoever to do with the environment.

There’s not even any scurrilous stuff about climate change – which given the industrial levels of waste being discharged into the rivers of the world media environment stream errr…..anyway, given the quantity of argument on this subject is surprising.

In fact, if you look here on the glossary of subjects attached to the Wikileaks cables notable by their absence are the words climate, environment, even water (except as Waterborne Transportation – presumably we’re talking oil tankers and amphibious assault vehicles here).

Actually it looks like environment is number 10 on the to-do list of your typical diplomat, somewhere just above the stuff that you do at 5 pm on the last day before you go on holiday.

Perhaps someone can dig deeper and prove me wrong. Just one story for the environment page would be good!


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