We love lakes too…

Llyn Helyg: not very deep (said to be only 1.6 m) but distinctly crisp and even

Earlier this week I spent the day with my colleague Rebecca Good – our Wales Million Ponds Project Officer – visiting a small lake in North Wales where we are helping the Mostyn Estates and North East Wales Wildlife to protect the endangered water fern Pillwort.

Pillwort loves the edges of clean ponds and lakes that dry out. It lives in what’s known technically as the drawdown zone – between spring high water, and summer low.

On this lake – because the margins are very gentle – that’s a big area; in the picture above it’s the area between the willows at the very edge and the smooth ice.

We’re helping Pillwort by making new habitat for it – new ponds – 2 km away, on the same estate. These ponds will be clean and have big drawdown zones. We’ll probably have to give the plants a helping hand to get there in this case (following carefully all the procedures required by the Countryside Council for Wales) as its probably too far for natural colonisation.

We were talking to the Country Focus team of Radio Wales – it was a beautiful day but not the best for seeing the plant which was solidly frozen beneath two inches of ice!


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