I play second fiddle to a bowl of custard

Don't ask!

If you want to see me hamming it up with a bowl of custard while Mike Dilger tries to be a pond skater – this is the film for you. Mike, of course, is excellent.

If you like custard, or want to avoid the whole thing for other good reasons, wait a couple of days and it’ll be off the I-Player!

The truly desperate should select minute 21.45 of the Monday 29th November One Show.


One Response to “I play second fiddle to a bowl of custard”

  1. Flying Ants Says:

    Yes Jeremy I saw that linked to on the pond conservation site..I think it was there. I watched it and kept ‘skating’ through it, until I got to your bit. You were way cool 🙂

    (That is actually my first time of ever watching the One Show.)


    My pond has been frozen for over a week now, and covered with snow; something I wasn’t exactly expecting, living roughly a mile from the centre of London. But I’m fairly sure there won’t be any problems in my pond with fatalities. For the past month absolutely nothing has appeared to be living in it. I didn’t do a ‘dip’, this was just from looking. But hope springs eternal for next year..otherwise I’m stocking the damn thing with goldfish – just joking 😉

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