GMs and water

I’d been meaning to comment on this for a while but had forgotten about the draft I wrote.

One slightly surprising reason for not being keen on GMs is that they might add to the pollution of freshwaters.

This is an emerging area of science but this report, in the Independent, is based on credible research and is a bit worrying, though not surprising. You can see the original paper here – though Proceedings of the National Academy of Science only provides free access to the abstract of the paper.

If you put something on the land in a place where it can wash into water (that’s more or less anywhere), in due course it will get into the water.

The research has so far shown the GM added natural pesticide is getting into the water. What’s not yet known is whether it’s having any effect (which is a notoriously difficult thing to ascertain, because along with the GM product there will also be all the other stuff that runs in off farmland).


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