Late dragonflies

Common Darter by Stephen Burch: click the picture to see more of Stephen's excellent dragonfly photos, including some Oxfordshire rarities

Like the spring migrants, it’s natural to look out for dragonflies late and early.

So I was interested to see a message last week on the Oxfordshire bird network about late flying Common Darters from Steven Burch who reported seeing one on 19th November. Given that the previous year a 7th November record was the latest ever sighting of a dragonfly in Oxfordshire this looks like a county record. And on the British Dragonfly Society’s ‘Hot News’ page this is the same day for the last adult dragonfly reports – though maybe some more will come in.

Of course, if you go dipping in the your pond there’s a good chance that you will see dragonflies and damselflies – to be found still in my Old Pond are Large Red Damselflies, Brown Hawker and Broad-bodied Chaser.

But with the arrival in South Wales of the Winter Damselfly Sympecma fusca perhaps it is only a matter of time before we can see damselflies all the year round in this country.


One Response to “Late dragonflies”

  1. neil Says:

    Wow that is late. I think the latest I’ve seen a common darter was 5th Nov last year here in Essex. But as you say there are plenty of nymphs still about, I’ve had 6 species in the last week

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