Dog ponds?

Click to visit the source of this lovely picture

In the lowlands more and more people are reporting to us having a bit of a problem with dogs in ponds.

But the problem isn’t restricted to the lowlands.

In parts of the Lake District we’ve seen some terribly doggy ponds: with such frequent visits by dogs that the water is permanently cloudy with plants gradually disappearing.

So I couldn’t resist this wonderful picture which I came across entirely by chance – it looks so lovely, the dogs look so happy and the little mountain pools look great too. And if it was just these two furry funballs, well of course there would be no problem.

But as always, the trouble is that often it’s not just the occasional visits – ponds near well-travelled paths and tracks are inevitably vulnerable.

Luckily there is a simple solution which won’t have half the population accusing me of being ‘dogist’: make more good ponds and wetlands, even in places like this.

With thanks to the authors of the Striding Edge website.


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