Make mine a tasty Great Crested Newt

I like Jons suggestion of making a list of things that eat Great Crested Newts, young or old.

(See the comments).

Any takers?


3 Responses to “Make mine a tasty Great Crested Newt”

  1. jonspond Says:

    List of predators of great crested newts

    Adults eaten by
    Heron –;
    Bittern – there is a photo of this bird eating a newt – just cannot find it!
    Kingfisher –
    Mallard –
    Moorhen – its not confirmed but it could be a gcn?
    Grass snake –
    Medicinal leech –

    This picture shows a pre metamorphed newt – you can see the gills are still present:

  2. johnofkent Says:

    Just seen the references to my website and glad it has been of help. Thanks to jonspond for correcting my mis-identification of the pre metamorphed newt. When I took the photo I had not realised that gcn’s had already moved into pond, which was new.
    The moorhen image is definitely a gcn.

  3. Indigo Surveys Says:

    johnofkent: Excellent images, glad to see resources are being utilised throughout the web.

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