(Water) Plants under threat

The Guardian is highlighting today the threats to plants – and has used as it’s website picture one of Britain’s most threatened plants – Starfruit – a specialist of temporary ponds now restricted to a handful of sites as a result of habitat destruction, pollution and changes in land-use.

Starfruit used to be quite widespread on sandy acid soils, especially in the south-east.

The yellow square show where it used to live.

Now it’s hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth – in half a dozen ponds in the red squares – thanks particularly to the work of Plantlife.

But new pond creation also works for Starfruit: I even have a pond named after me which was created for the species on Stoke Common in Buckinghamshire!

You can see it here on Google Earth.

View Jeremy’s Pond, Stoke Common here.


2 Responses to “(Water) Plants under threat”

  1. John Says:

    It would be great if some organisation could specialise in growing endangered native species to sell them to gardeners. I know I would buy those first when deciding which plants to get for my garden and pond. If the word got then such an economy could help support these plants as well as getting more of them growing around the country.

  2. Nick Mann Says:

    What a good idea – we would be delighted to. If someone like Pond Conservation were happy to provide us with a short list of species and helped to source a small number of plants/seed to start, we have a very helpful / enthusiastic grower who I’m sure would be interested in helping. I don’t think it would be a major seller, but every little helps. We would also donate half the profit to a related charity, as we always do with – Pond Conservation?

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