Is the eel becoming a thing of the past?

Well, perhaps not if the Association of Rivers Trusts has anything to do with it, and as reported in the Independent today:

One thing its worth remembering is that eels don’t just live in rivers: they are found in all kinds of freshwaters, including ponds.

Indeed making high quality ponds for them – which we are doing – could be an important part of the conservation story – not least because so many existing ponds are in a terrible state.


2 Responses to “Is the eel becoming a thing of the past?”

  1. julia Says:

    Thanks for this. Is it true (as the article seems to suggest) that all eels come from the Sargasso Sea? I just find this hard to believe. There must be lots of different species of eel. Do they ALL breed in the Sargasso? Is there nowhere else they can breed? Why? This is so odd.

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    And to Julia: I’ll do a bit more on eels shortly.

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