Oxygen in my garden ponds: 15th September update

Oxygen in the my garden ponds: date and time along the bottom (each vertical line shows midnight) and oxygen level up the side, in milligrammes of oxygen in each litre of water. Click the graph to see a larger picture.

I haven’t measured the oxygen for a few days – so I thought it was time to make another set of measurements.

Interestingly results are staying pretty consistent: the open-to-the-full-sun New Pond has the highest values; Katy’s pond – the shallowest, most shaded and with plenty of mosses – is intermediate.

And the Old Pond – also shaded for most of the day but also covered in Lemna, is the lowest.

However, it’s worth noting that although it seems pretty clear that the Lemna is reducing the amount of oxygen in the Old Pond, its still well above the very low oxygen levels we saw a few days in a very leafy and rather deep pond at Sparsholt College.

What’s far from clear at the moment is what effect these differences are having. That’s a question which will be harder to answer.


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