Bat pond

A rare site (and sight): a pond thick with underwater plants

Here’s a sight that’s sadly rare in southern England: a beautiful pond, protected from pollution by its woodland location, with crystal clear water and water plants growing throughout – just as they are meant to, but these days, because of water pollution, so rarely are.

But for me – a mostly daylight creature – the exiting bit was the bats.

Because I was at this pond, which is just 5 miles from the centre of Oxford, with local bat lovers who come here because ponds are a magnet for bats.

In this case there were water-loving Daubenton’s bats feeding over the pond and Brown Long-eared and Natter’s Bats nearby – quite a few of our bats are attracted to water because it’s a good place to feed.

This pond is definitely a Priority Pond: as well as the bats it also has Great Crested Newts – luckily it’s in a location where it’s future is as assured as is practically possible.


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