A brilliant punning title

I appreciate tabloid puns – so Natural Prawn Killer is irrestiable!

It’s perhaps what tabloids do best – humour.

But facts about wildlife – ahhh……

A killer shrimp which destroys all pond life…..“.

Come on guys! How long before this leaks into the serious debate?

You can see it here.


2 Responses to “A brilliant punning title”

  1. jonspond Says:

    My wife and I did like that particular pun. I have been working on a much more serious problem relating to an alien species which has or is becoming established in the UK at least on a local scale at the moment – the North American Bullfrog.

    We just do not know whether these frogs – which were widely sold as tadpoles in garden centres across the country in the 1990’s and as late as 2000 – have established colonies. A single pair mating would produce 20,000 eggs! a serious problem I would suspect.

    Talking of puns here is one about an introduced garden population of European Water Frogs in Colchester – http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3078946/Police-probe-on-croaking-frogs.html

  2. jonspond Says:

    Hi jeremy

    This story is slowly getting out – it has now appeared in Practical Fish keeping magazine…..

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