As tough as old Bulrush

Bulrush recovering in the New Pond following about 2 weeks of more-or-less complete drought during July and August, when the main shoots and leaves all died

Back from the ‘dead’ in the New Pond is Bulrush (Typha latifolia).

Recovering from the drought, despite having been completely dried out for several weeks, it is now throwing up new shoots. There are two more lurking just out of camera shot.

This really is a pretty tough plant.

On the animal front, water snails are present in low numbers: I guess they mostly won’t reproduce again until next year now. There are four species: Contorted Ram’s-horn, Whirlpool Ram’s-horn, Marsh Snail group and Smooth Ram’s-horn.

Pond Olive mayflies have recolonised.

Chironomid midges are building up: I’ve never tried to identify species in this group (it’s quite possible, though a little time-consuming) so can’t say too much useful about them.

Water beetles are beginning to fly back in: so far, it’s two of our commonest: the Common Black Diving Beetle (Agabus bipustulatus) and the very common scavenger beetle Helophorus brevipalis.

I’m really waiting to see whether any stoneworts will reappear from resting spores, or any of the other underwater species that were previously present: water violet and my pondweeds.


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