Pond Conservation in the Independent

Thanks to Mike McCarthy, Environment Editor in the Independent, for the nice write up last week.

Picking up one of the themes of the article – that it’s only in Britain that you can imagine an organisation starting up that is concerned with little ponds – I think Pond Conservation is as much part of the long tradition of Britons being at the forefront of environmental activism, as much as ponds being a specially British peculiarity.

Because in fact we have colleagues throughout Europe who are also interested in ponds – in an organisation called the European Pond Conservation Network – and in the States too.

And a couple of years ago it was an America biologist John Downing who wrote one of the most important technical reports so far on ponds which showed that one third of the area of standing water in the world is in water bodies less than 10 ha in area.

So perhaps it’s distinctively British to be first to spot the environmental problem (in this case that little ponds are important) – but as on many other occasions, we’re not alone.

And just to prove it, in a couple of weeks we’re off on holiday to a region of northern France – the regional park known as the ‘Caps et Marais d’Opales‘, the bit of northern France you normally drive straight through on the way to somewhere more interesting – where they have a strong interest in ponds, as you can see from the manual they publish on the conservation of ponds (in France ponds are mainly called ‘mares’).

Only the crazy French could be interested in such little things.


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