My planting philosophy: just chuck it in (carefully)

Water Mint, Fool's Watercress and Articulated Rush growing together (as they would naturally) in the drawdown zone of my New Pond. You can't so easily get this natural intermingling of plants from pre-potted specimens.

Here’s one outcome of the ‘just chuck it in’ philosophy.

A beautiful specimen of Water Mint (purple leaves, in front), a healthy, slowly expanding, clump of Fool’s Watercress – the source is a nearby steam about 250 m from our house – and some bits of Articulated Rush. Sensibly these plant are gradually expanding over more or less the full extent of the drawdown zone, from the early spring high water mark to the summer low point.

All the plants were jsut dropped at the water edge last autumn and have now established themselves quite happily. Like many marginal plants, when a small piece is dropped into the water they’re quite capable of anchoring themselves without help from pots or containers.

In the case of the Fool’s Watercress we subsequently noticed that the ‘chuck it in’ probably works so well because it seems to be what the plant does itself – we’ve noticed little plantlets breaking off and floating round the pond, looking for a suitable place to colonise.

Perhaps fortuitously, we’ve discovered that what works best is what nature was already doing.


2 Responses to “My planting philosophy: just chuck it in (carefully)”

  1. pondolive Says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I think you need to be careful here. Whilst I hate the use of containers for pond plants, equally you can’t just throw many species in and expect them to root. Some will of course, but unfortunately these tend to be the more invasive (and therefore less desirable) ones. I ‘plant’ mine by the simple expedient of weighting them down with a stone so the root is in contact with the substrate.

    You can read my views on the subject here:


  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    I confess! Occasionally I too use a weight to hold things down when I want them to get rooted in a specific place.


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