Rabbits and tadpoles

I don’t think I answered Jo’s query – when to stop feeding rabbit pellets.

The short answer – I don’t know!

The longer answer: try them with a bit of cat food and see if they like it. If so, maybe stop feeding the bunny brunch.

Mine were pretty keen on cat food back during the election Tad Poll when I maintained voter enthusiasm with the occasional feed.


2 Responses to “Rabbits and tadpoles”

  1. Alisdair Says:

    Dear Jeremy

    Oh no – now you have me worried!

    I have noticed that my many tadpoles don’t seem to be developing, and I was worried that they may not develop in time for the winter. Now there’s mention of cat food – should I be feeding them? Help! Could you do a small blog post on this, as I am starting to stress…

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