Dragonfly emergence

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly completng its emergence on low-growing grasses at the edge of the Old Pond

My Broad-bodied Chasers are emerging en-mass this morning: there are at least four coming out now as the day hots up.

There are something in the region of 50 in the pond – we know because we did a detailed survey last autumn, using the standard National Pond Survey 3 minute hand net sample method. In fact, amongst the Abingdon ponds we surveyed last year this was one of only two ponds with Broad-bodied Chasers, the other having just a single specimen.

But actually there’s nothing very unexpected in all of that – what is interesting about the picture above is where the dragonflies  are emerging.

On grasses – quite low growing, at the pond edge. The one above is quite happy using plain old creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera).

It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that this plant is suitable for dragonfly emergence – it is the wetland plant seen growing around more UK ponds than any other.

It is almost never planted, and never knowingly sold by (virtually all) plant suppliers.

It’s a great pond plant.


One Response to “Dragonfly emergence”

  1. Helen Edwards Says:

    On the subject of emergence, I found one of our broad-bodied chasers and its exuvia on an iris over 2 feet from the edge of the pond. It must have crawled quite some way, including over or under a log before it found somewhere it was happy with, despite there being several iris, rushes and other suitable plants in the pond itself.

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