Articulated rush

Articulated Rush: a good and little used edge plant, showing my usual planting method. Dump it on the waterline and wait for it to grow. No pots, no soil, just plants and water.

One plant which is a taking nicely at the edge of the New Pond is Articulated Rush (Juncus articulatus).

It’s not a plant that’s recommended often – possibly suppliers don’t really know it exists – although it is a common plant in real ponds.

It’s a good edge plant – quite low growing, more trailing into the water than most rushes (except the much more aquatic Bulbous Rush, Juncus bulbosus), at home on bare new sediments like clay, sand or gravel, and a good shelter for smaller animals amongst the submerged roots and leaves.

As per my normal approach, I just placed  a small clump roughly at the water line and let it sink or swim – no pots, no compost, just let the plant create its own anchor as its roots spread out and consolidate the thin layer of gravel.

Its doing fine, as the picture shows.


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