World exclusive for the Oxford Mail

In a ground-breaking development in the science of psephology, the Oxford Mail became the first media outlet globally to carry TAD POLL, the world’s first survey of the ‘opinions’ of the truly ‘floating voter’.

Said TAD POLL special representative Dr J Fisher:

“It’s remarkable how slow the main stream media has been to realise the significance of TAD POLL. I commend the Oxford Mail for taking this step: once again Oxford has shown itself to be a world centre for new intellectual developments”.

Below, Dr Fisher’s unpaid assistant demonstrates two of the unique and vital components of the TAD POLL method: tadpoles and a pond.

Read more about TAD POLL here.


One Response to “World exclusive for the Oxford Mail”

  1. liz mercer Says:

    The tadpoles seem to be thriving this year, very active and growing much faster than last year (when I am sure there were too many of them).

    The deep part of the pond seems now to be free of the masses of blanket weed which was filling it in winter and early spring although there is still a lot of bright green filament in the shallow part.

    Tonight after the rain the tadpoles in the deep section are swimming continually to the surface – as if for air? In the shallow part this does not seem to be the case.

    Is there any connection?

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