The Tad Poll

Inspired by election fever, we’ve just launched Tad Poll: the first, and only, utterly independent poll of truly floating voters.

Have a look here.

And if you like our joke – why not share it with someone else? Because there is a serious point too, to highlight the need to better protect freshwater wildlife.

Tad Poll confirms that the Conservatives are in the lead in the election, followed by the Liberal Democrats, with Labour currently in third place.

But there’s not much between them

The Tad Poll results for the week 23-24th April


4 Responses to “The Tad Poll”

  1. Johm Says:


  2. Richard Says:

    Seems to be as accurate as any of the polls I’ve seen, but no green party? I’m intrigued to know what the green credentials of a tadpole is.
    Perhaps amphibian analysis is the way forward? Maybe our banking system could use toads and newts assess different ‘collateral debt obligations’?
    Keep the good work.

  3. Duncan Says:

    I like the “Tad Poll” , I think the tads have more sense and are just crapping on the party logos!

  4. Rabbits and tadpoles « The Garden Pond Blog Says:

    […] were pretty keen on cat food back during the election Tad Poll when I maintained voter enthusiasm with the occasional […]

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