It’s frothy, man

Beneath the froth are thousands of tadpoles

Persons of a certain vintage may remember a 1970s advert for a sugary drink called Cresta.

Though the drink is (I presume) long forgotten, the advert is still out there with its catch-phrase: ‘It’s frothy, man’ (you can tell how long ago it was – what advert could use this strap line now and not seem a little ridiculous?).

But for obvious reasons it seems to describe to perfection the current state of the pond.


But this time it’s not due to the presence of sugars and other, no doubt now frowned-upon, substances that were present in the original drink.

This froth is stirred up by the huge numbers of tadpoles in the pond. Though the actual mechanism I’m not really sure of: maybe a protein-rich film on the water surface being whipped-up like egg whites? Maybe oxygen produced by algae under the water somehow being captured in the bubbles. I don’t know.

But I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before.


2 Responses to “It’s frothy, man”

  1. Helen Edwards Says:

    We had the same bubbles in our pond a few weeks ago. No mention of it in the amphibians and reptiles New Naturalist though. Could it be something relating to changes in respiration with tadpole development?

  2. Margaret Brewster Says:

    Last year I had lots of these bubbles and this year they are starting to form again. I have thousands of tadpoles and two seemingly very attentive frogs

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