Tadpole menu’s: what too feed the hungry mouths, if the need arises

So far on offer for hungry tadpoles (see the comments) we have:

– boiled lettuce (sounds yuk)

– rabbit food! (urggghh)

– nice water plants (well, at least the algae living on them)

– very thin slices of courgette (very Nigella)

– melon slices (mmmmmm, things are looking up).

Any more suggestions?


4 Responses to “Tadpole menu’s: what too feed the hungry mouths, if the need arises”

  1. Julia Says:

    Is fish food ok?

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Yes – when they’re a bit older. They vegetarian first, and then move on to animal protein.

  2. Jo Says:

    I have been feeding the tadpoles in my pond rabbit food, at what stage should I change their diet?



  3. Solarpowerman Says:

    I have fed tadpoles bunny brunch pellets – they break up in the water and are soon eaten. Boiled lettuce, flaked fish food, would be OK. I save up the dust from my Koi food containers: this is very eagerly taken and makes them grow fast.
    Most important is to remove any uneaten food or it will rot very quickly and pollute the water, making it cloudy, smelly and cause oxygen depleation! So avoid over feeding totally, if their in good light then green algae should be plentiful .

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