The Big Pond Thaw survey: results today

This site in the Derbyshire Peak Distict experienced one of the worst frog mortalities at the end of the cold winter weather with at least 150 dead animals retrieved. (Photo: Roger Naylor)

We will be announcing the results of the Big Pond Thaw survey today.

We will send a summary of the report to everyone who participated (where we have an e-mail contact address) – if you don’t receive a copy, and would like to know more about the results, check the Pond Conservation website, or look at the blog later.

And thanks especially to everyone who sent us information about their ponds: it’s provided some unique new insights into what makes ponds tick.

UPDATED: Click here to download the summary of the report.


3 Responses to “The Big Pond Thaw survey: results today”

  1. Vernon Smith Says:

    Have just been reading your info on frog deaths this winter. Our garden pond is only 4ft x 10ft and varies between a few inches to three feet deep. It has been going for 4 years with no fatalities. So far I have removed over 70 dead frogs and 8 fish, only 1 fish survived. I live in Cumbria, so had low temps for several months during which I kept holes open in the ice but after watching a television programme was told it was better to let nature look after things. Also I had removed my pump as the manufacturers instructions said to during the winter.
    There is frogspawn now in the pond so new life has appeared but it was the saddest thing to see all the frogs I have removed.What can I do to improve things

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Hi Vernon

    Have a look at the Big Pond Thaw report on the Pond Conservation website which summarises our advice on cold weather and ponds.


  3. kermit the half a bee Says:

    Has any consideration been taken of the vast amounts of salt that has been thrown on our roads and garden paths these last 2 winters. Could this have an impact on water conditions at all?

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