Hops spring eternal

In case you haven’t looked at the comments closely the three most recent are particularly interesting and encouraging.

First, from Cliff:

“I put a post on the 25/02/10 reporting the dead frogs and the smelly pink water in my pond.

I decided to empty the pond yesterday (Saturday). I purchased a pump to make the job easier and faster.

On reaching the bottom of the pond I found more dead frogs but surprisingly a greater number of live ones.

I netted these out and cleaned out all the debris at the bottom of the pond.

I then washed out the pond with the hose pipe and then re-emptied before putting in the new water from my rain water butts (that’s good news! – J): this has only filled a quarter of the water needed to fill the pond as I was doing this the rescued frogs were jumping back into the pond even though they had been moved away to be near the fish pond.

This morning I have noticed a large number of frogs are now in this pond even though I have had to put a plank of wood up the side in case they want to get out before the pond is full of rain water.

Second from Nigel:

“Hi Jeremy, Good news! After all the gloom and doom felt in my household with the loss of our over-wintering frogs it was great to find 2 “live & kicking” ones in the pond this morning. Even better was finding a load of spawn – Nothing yesterday at all and full of life today! Nature can be both hard and wonderful at the same time. Regards, Nigel”.

And third, from Jacqui:

“Just counted 7 frogs in our little pond :-) and there is more spawn:-).”


One Response to “Hops spring eternal”

  1. andy haynes Says:

    We need to do exactly the same with our pond I understand i.e, drain, clean, and fill with rainwater. Yesterday I took as many leaves out of the pond as I could with a sturdy net. In all I removed around six dead frogs, but at the end counted around four or five live frogs. We need to install two water butts, so ideas for where to buy and installation tips would be much appreciated.


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