Who makes all this stuff up, anyway?

Steve comments:

…you have more information on this site than I have seen anywhere. Great !


Ands asks:

‘Is it all from experience with your own ponds or gained from elsewhere ?’

It’s based on Pond Conservation’s research over the last 20 years, interpreting the work of other freshwater biologists (both those studying ponds and those investigating lakes and rivers), it’s based on our practical experience of making and managing ponds, and most recently it’s from starting to look carefully at garden ponds.

We’ve learnt a huge amount from the two ponds we’ve made in our garden and also from the Big Pond Dip that people started to help us with last year.

There’s masses more that, collectively, we can find out about ponds and their wildlife from garden ponds – I’ll keep you posted about new initiatives (and also the results of the Big Pond Thaw survey, and the 2009 Big Pond Dip results) as they come up.

Final question:

‘Have you any information on what plants would best be suited to this type of shallow wildlife pond.’

Will answer that later!


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