British Ecological Society web site highlights ponds

The authoritative BES policy website picked up the ponds report last week.

And the BES also noted another issue that we were keen to link to the generally poor quality of ponds.

And that is the fact that 75% of rivers and streams in England and Wales will fail new standards which define the range of plants, fish, invertebrates and algae you should find in clean and unpolluted rivers.

The Environment Agency says:

“Using the new classification system [for a thing called the Water Framework Directive], results for assessed rivers in England and Wales show that for overall ecological classification 26% of rivers are good or better, 60% are moderate, 12% are poor and 2% are bad.”

It’s worth noting that the new system is a five point scale with water bodies assessed as: bad, poor, moderate, good or high. In theory, all waters should be at ‘good’ or ‘high’ status. Most are not and, at present, virtually no rivers in England and Wales are ‘high’ status.

More information on the Environment Agency website.


One Response to “British Ecological Society web site highlights ponds”

  1. T Martin Says:

    25 Feb 10 – I have just discovered frog spawn in my pond. Is this very early for spawning, I expected to see it in March.

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