And another reason why frogs hang around in ponds overwinter…

Read my colleague Becca Cleaver’s comments on the reasons why amorous male frogs brave the cold weather in your pond….

See the comment ‘Becca on More frog info’.


2 Responses to “And another reason why frogs hang around in ponds overwinter…”

  1. Paul Griffiths Says:

    There is a small man made pond in my local park Hazelwalls in Uttoxeter. It is fed by a passing stream via a pipe. This pipe regularly gets blocked. But the council who owns it doesn’t seem to have a regular inspection. In the very warm spring two years ago, the pipe was blocked and the pond almost dried up, in fact children were in it and probably punctured the lining, much of the frog spawn and many frogs perished. When I reported it to the council they actually replied to say they were dealing with health and safety issues in the office and couldn’t do anything for a while! The inlet pipe is blocked again and the water level has dropped to empty. Should I bother to report it again? I did get on to the local nature conservation folks, but they never got back to me, but I suppose because they receive funding from the council so they are reluctant to rock any boats?

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