Eels disappear from the Thames

You used to get eels in ponds – maybe you still do?

Anyone out there know of any ponds with eels in?

I’d be interested to hear about it if you do.


Eel populations in London’s River Thames crash by 98%


3 Responses to “Eels disappear from the Thames”

  1. Helen Edwards Says:

    Guess it depends on your exact definition of a pond. We once saw an eel at The Old Sludge Beds nature reserve just south of Exeter, but the whole place floods (and thus the ponds join together) in Winter.

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Hi Helen

    A pond is: ‘a man-made or natural waterbody, up to 2 ha in area, permanent or seasonal (usually holding water at least 4 months of the year)’. Can’t tell from Google how big the old settling lagoons are. Quite possibly some would pass as ponds, although technically size is based on maximum winter water level (when they are joined together) so that might make the whole thing bigger than 2 ha and, in effect, a shallow lake.


  3. Becca Cleaver Says:

    I found an eel in a pond near Preston, Lancashire 2 years ago. It was beautiful, and so exciting to see it. How it got to pond is a mystery as it was in the middle of a small housing estate, with no ditches, streams or other ponds nearby – it must have travelled a huge distance over hotile territory.

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