The Big Pond Thaw survey

Pond Conservation is launching today the Big Pond Thaw survey, asking people to help us gather more information about the condition of ponds during the Big Freeze.

It’s based on last year’s Big Pond Dip format and aims to find out more about ice and snow cover on ponds during the freeze, how people managed their ponds and whether there have been any fish or amphibian deaths.

There’s a copy of the form here, and you can upload the results at the Pond Conservation website here.

As is clear form what’s been happening over the last month or so with my own ponds there’s still masses to learn about what makes ponds tick, not just in winter.

Our aim with the Big Pond Thaw survey is to collect information that will help to improve the pond creation and management advice available. At present, almost everything about managing garden ponds is still mainly a matter of guesswork.

It would be great to hear from everyone who’s posted about fish and amphibian deaths on the blog.

But it’s also really important to hear about ponds where there don’t appear to be any problems so far.


One Response to “The Big Pond Thaw survey”

  1. jonspond Says:

    Will the big thaw survey 2011 be early this time?

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