After the thaw

Sadly we’re getting quite a few reports of dead frogs, and also dead fish too.

It’s very reminiscent of this time last year when the blog was just starting and one of the first big events was people reporting the loss of their beloved frogs.

I will be trying to answer questions as quickly as possible as well as getting together information about what is really causing the losses.

For everyone who can bear to do it, it would be very useful to hear what the state of your ponds was like during the Big Freeze by completing the simple ‘Big Pond Thaw‘ survey.

We’re interested both in ponds with animal deaths, and those where things seem OK.

You can submit the information quickly on-line here.

We trying to find out more about the kinds of ponds most vulnerable to this problem so that, as far as possible, we can help people avoid the problem in the future.

Pictures of ponds would also be very helpful: you can either send them direct to me ( or upload them as part of the Big Pond Thaw online form.


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