Under the ice, oxygen zooms up on a sunny day

Yesterday, Sunday, was a bright sunny day here in Abingdon.

Both ponds responded with significant rises in dissolved oxygen, with parts of the old pond reaching 16 milligrammes of oxygen in each litre of water, which is supersaturated (that is, the water has more oxygen than its theoretical 100% capacity). [Click the graph to see a better quality image].

Both ponds were covered in ice again all day so oxygen trapping may be occurring.

Also, it was noticeable that the better vegetated old pond has gone higher than the rather barer new pond.


One Response to “Under the ice, oxygen zooms up on a sunny day”

  1. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the updates Jeremy, really interesting stuff. In fact, I’m getting tempted to invest in some kit to test my own pond’s oxygen levels and conductivity. So far I’m only doing cursory pond dips. Yesterday’s produced very little, but then I only dug the pond in October, so maybe not surprising?

    Keep up the good work.

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