The start of the thaw

Red lines: air temperature. Green lines: new pond. Blue lines: old pond

Air temperatures have reached 7 C in the sun today.

The ponds are very slowly responding.

The graph above shows the air temperature clearly (thick and thin red lines) but the signals from the radio tranmitters in the old pond (blue) and the new pond (green) are rather intermittent.

I think the probes may be just too far from the house to be completely reliable.

Despite this minor technical problem, you can still see the difference between the two ponds.

The old pond, which is shaded by a tall hedge and house-high trees and never get direct sun except in the middle of the afternoon in the height of summer, is cooler than the new pond.

Out in the open, the new pond has reached 1.8 C below the ice. The old pond is still down at 1.3 C.

After a nippy night both ponds are still almost completely ice-bound.


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