Clearing the snow

On Thursday I cleared the snow from the old pond

On Thursday I tried a final experiment: clearing the snow from the old pond.

There appeared to be an instant response: from a level of around 4 milligrammes of oxygen in the morning it rose to over 8 by the evening.

Click the graph to get a clearer picture

I made a second hole in the old pond at the same time – the black line with open square on the graph.This hole was over the area of the pond with the densest moss cover – so potentially the area of greatest oxygen use and oxygen production.

Before clearing the snow it was 2.3 milligrammes of oxygen per litre of water. By the evening it had also risen considerably, reaching just over 8 milligrammes of oxygen in each litre of water, shown by the dashed red line with triangles symbols on the graph.

At the same time the new pond – which still had its snow cover – continued to fall.

Next day (yesterday, Friday) the snow all melted so the experiment didn’t go on for as long as I would have liked.

With water standing over an inch of ice, now the increase has slowed in the old pond, and with no snow cover the new pond has also begun to recover.

It will be interesting to see what happens next as the ice melts completely.


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