Cold weather looks set to continue

Datalogger for recording pond temperature

As the cold weather looks set to continue for a couple of weeks, today I reconnected the temperature probe to the old pond.

It’s been out of action for a while after I chopped the cable linking the logger to the probe last year (lawn mowing – typical).

The ‘probe’ itself is simply a 30 m length of wire with a thermocouple in the end.

The data are brought to the computer by a myPCLab datalogger (above).

Measurements last year showed that, at night, water in the pond was up to 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding air.


One Response to “Cold weather looks set to continue”

  1. frogpondweatherblog Says:

    Thats an interesting device – it would be interesting to hear more about the gear you use for measuring and monitoring stuff like temps and ph etc.

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