Garden pond surveys

Copy of Jeremy Biggs - Garden Pond

With Win Fairchild of West Chester University (Philadelphia) – who’s visiting Pond Conservation – I’ve started some detailed surveys of garden ponds in Abingdon.

These surveys will give us the first indication of exactly what’s living in garden ponds, what affects the variety of wildlife they contain, and how they compare to ponds in the rest of the landscape.

I’ll keep you posted as to how the results are going.

This is the first survey we did: Sally’s pond, just across the road from us.

It’s just about the cushiest survey work I’ve ever done! And complete with generous supplies of tea and biscuits!


One Response to “Garden pond surveys”

  1. Liz Says:

    Abingdon pond
    If only I had found this website last year when I started my pond! I have obviously made it too deep and am now trying to make it more shallow by adding stones near the edges.

    We don’t want fish and have been thrilled by the wildlife that has arrived: waves of pond skaters, snails and water boatmen, beetles, newts (adult and baby), millions of tadpoles from our resident frogs, larvae various and clouds of -daphnia?; dragonflies and grey wagtail visiting.

    But…. the plants I put in do not seem to be thriving and the blanket weed does. I keep taking it out but I hate continually interfering. I’m sure it is not a good thing to do as I do not believe that anything trapped in the blanket weed can escape it once it is out of the water.

    Can I test the water myself or does it need specialist equipment?

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