Save water: bath with a friend


The old pond has few bathing birds: it’s probably too close to cat-concealing cover.

But out in the open, the new pond must seem a bit safer for a wash and brush up, especially if you’ve got a friend with you


2 Responses to “Save water: bath with a friend”

  1. paul johnston Says:


    My newly built pond (6 weeks old) has a huge number of what appear to be mosquito larvae. Have you nat advice on how I might address this problem?

    Many thanks

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Hi Paul

      The answer is not to worry about it.

      Mosquitos quickly colonise new ponds, but as other animals come along they will also fairly quickly disappear.

      I don’t know enough mosquito biology to know quite why they disappear: probably it’s a combination of competition from other creatures and predation by backswimmers – for which they must be a fairly easy target. If you have fish they will obviously be gobbled up as a tasty snack.

      In my original pond they are almost competely absent.


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