Colin’s new pond


Check out the photosequence on Flikr from Colin on the creation of his new pond (see the comments, right).

Go to:

Colin writes:

A water beetle arrived the day after adding the water that you see now and another one came a few days ago. It’s supposed to rain heavily on Thursday! Now I need help with what to do about native plants if anything so local newts that i find in the garden will have somewhere to go by next spring. The area behind the pond will be a bog. It may be a bit shaded but it always gets sun for part of the day. The cherry tree is quite thin and alows quite a lot of light through. The leaves and blossom may be a problem but this was the only space i had to put a pond …I’m sure I can deal with them when the time comes. Looking forward to posts about the developement of your number 2 pond.


4 Responses to “Colin’s new pond”

  1. colin wavell Says:

    Yesterday we had a couple of really heavy showers so I was able to put another 200 Ltrs or so in the pond.Today I noticed it was teaming with little black wrigglies. I got my magnifying glass out and found there are mosquito lavae.The two water beetles are still there. The water’s a bit cloudy as I added some play sand on the bottom but I saw them as they both came up for air at the same time. This is really exciting. I feel about 10 when I’m gazing into the pond!

  2. colin wavell Says:

    It was just getting dark and I was shutting things up for the night and I heard a loud unmistakable plop. I fetched a tortch and low and behold sitting on the bottom of the shallows was a beautiful large adult frog. I had a look a couple of hours later and he’s still around. Soexciting I jumped up and down!

  3. colin wavell Says:

    There are a couple of nice froggie pictures on my flicker site can I send them to you in some way Jeremy

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