Keeping the Blue Peter pond clean

Copy of BluePeterPond4August2009

After the clean water makeover of the Blue Peter pond earlier in the year, here’s Katy last week when we topped it up with clean rainwater.

The good news: because everyone had taken great care not to top up the pond with tapwater, conductivity was still only 115. Very encouraging.

Plenty of baby newts, and a good mix of other animals: on Big Pond Dip the cleaned up pond scores a good 38, mainly becuase of the damselflies and alderflies.


7 Responses to “Keeping the Blue Peter pond clean”

  1. jenkinsp1 Says:

    Help! I have a wildlife pond – no filter, no fish, just newts and frogs, and in the last two months i have found a horrible light brown jelly that bubbles on the surface of the water. I skim it off, and then a few weeks later, there it is again! Does anyone know what this is?


  2. Denise Says:

    I, too, have been skimming off brown jelly for some weeks now. My pond is new – I dug it in March this year. No fish, no frogs, newts etc. Pond-skaters, a lot of damselfly activity earlier in the year, some snails introduced (from a pond where brown jelly is unknown) which seem to be growing well. Plants seem to be doing OK. No artifical aeration. Blanket weed builds up and I remove most of it. I have a bag of barley straw in there (which probably needs replacing). The brown jelly is definitely jelly-like to the touch, firm-ish. It doesn’t contain any clearly visible eggs. The more experienced pond person who gave me the snails suggested I googled “brown jelly” in a pond – but apart from Phillipa’s question, it doesn’t seem to google… Can we look into this a bit more?

  3. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Hi Denise – wonder if you’ve got any pictures of the brown jelly?


  4. Leonie Says:

    did you get any pictures of the brown jelly?
    I have clear jelly too and a yellowish kind in the shape of a slug as well as hundreds of newts eggs which were only laid recently – what are the first two and can I look forward to the pitter patter of lots of tiny feet?

  5. nina Says:

    I too have exactly the same brown jelly but its quite dark and seems to have clear harder egg shapes in it. my pond is new and in a similar condition to Denise’s. it’s been appearing for several weeks now. Do you know what it could be?

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Hi Everyone – if you’ve got any pictures of this jelly stuff, do send them to me (

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