The Countryfile crew came to film the pond on Monday.

It should be going out this Sunday.


4 Responses to “Countryfile”

  1. colin wavell Says:

    Good to see the piece on Countryfile as I have just started a pond following your instructions. Now praying for rain as pond only about a quarter full! I was surprised to see tadpoles at this time or was that a bit of creative editing on the Beebs part?

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Hi Colin

      Everything you saw was true! No tricks or cheats – this time all the animals were what was in the tray on the day: no library film was used at all.

      But seriously we’ve had a ton of taddies and I think the pond being less full of nutrients than the norm, the little chaps/ladies couldn’t all grow at full speed. So they’ve been emerging from the pond since about late June, and there are still quite a lot of taddies in the pond now.

      The finding of rainwater to fill the pond is, I’m realising, the main challenge of making clean water ponds, especially if you want to have a grand ‘filling day’ (who doesn’t?). So we just have to be super well-planned (saving it in advance), patient or inviting help from the gods. But the good news is, its been possible to fill the rainwater butts fairly regularly this summer.

      I’d be interested to hear / see more of your pond as it develops.


  2. colin wavell Says:

    I’ve posted some pictures of the beginning here

    Garden Pond 001 Small

    A water beetle arrived the day after adding the water that you see now and another one came a few days ago. It’s supposed to rain heavily on Thursday! Now I need help with what to do about native plants if anything so local newts that i find in the garden will have somewhere to go by next spring. The area behind the pond will be a bog. It may be a bit shaded but it always gets sun for part of the day. The cherry tree is quite thin and alows quite a lot of light through. The leaves and blossom may be a problem but this was the only space i had to put a pond …I’m sur I can deal with them when the time comes. Looking forward to posts about the developement of your number 2 pond

  3. colin wavell Says:

    Yesterday we had a couple of really heavy showers so I was able to put another 200 Ltrs or so in the pond.Today I noticed it was teaming with little black wrigglies. I got my magnifying glass out and found there are mosquito lavae.The two water beetles are still there. The water’s a bit cloudy as I added some play sand on the bottom but I saw them as they both came up for air at the same time. This is really exciting. I feel about 10 when I’m gazing into the pond!

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