Some questions

Matt asks:

M: Do the larvae of Broad-bodied Chasers live in streams?

J: No, they seem never to be found in streams and rivers. Your’s must have come from another pond, lake or very slow moving ditch somewhere.

M: Can sticklebacks live happily alongside other creatures or are they also quite voracious?

J: Lots of animals do live alongside sticklebacks but I think the effect they have will depend a lot on the size of pond. In a local pond down by the river near us in Abingdon, there’s a good range of animals living in a pond that also has 3-spined sticklebacks. But I suspect that when you put the sticklebacks in a small pond they’re likely to have a much bigger impact.

Sticklebacks are notorius for exterminating Great Crested Newt larvae; no doubt they would have the same effect on the smaller newts too. People sometimes go to considerable lengths to get rid of them from crested newt ponds.


One Response to “Some questions”

  1. matt Says:

    Thanks! I haven’t yet found our local ponds, for instance to perhaps find some plants to bring a little home along the lines of your advice about not moving anything further than a duck might fly. We’re still waiting for our bullrush to arrive! I was hoping to put in sticklebacks (I hadn’t worked out where from) but will now probably just wait. I would also be interested to here what sort of response you’re getting from ‘the big pond dip’. I’m looking forward to the results too as I enjoyed reading about your Bucks garden pond survey.
    In your recent post about tadpoles eating the moss in your pond, was it a special type of moss, and had it found its own way into the pond like your bullrush?


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